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Water is life. – African proverb
Paddle4Peace was founded by a group of athletes who live the phrase “relentless forward motion,” a concept born from adventure
racing which illustrates that hard-to-reach goals are achievable by persistently striving towards your objective. In 2012 alone, we will
collectively paddle more than 1,000 miles in races around the globe to benefit children and groups that actively work to foster peace in all its forms.
We are all about challenging ourselves to go places and do things that may seem impossible. We participate in some of the toughest races in the world, and take these challenges on with an unflagging sense of peace. Facing a 340-mile non-stop solo race like the Missouri 340 ( takes courage, commitment, endurance, and no small amount of grace.

By setting such an extraordinary example of athleticism and perseverance, the Paddle4Peace group is taking the skills we have learned on the water and working to pass them along to children everywhere. The Paddle4Peace Kids Program is designed to help kids garner a sense of self-worth and confidence. We want to get kids outdoors and on to the water where we can help them learn the tools necessary to rise to any challenge, while living with a sense of inner peace.
In addition to supporting children, Paddle4Peace helps raise money for organizations that are working to better humankind, in the name of peace. In 2012, we are excited to partner with The Euphrates Institute, an organization that approaches peace from a different angle with their vision to end the ‘clash of civilizations’ in our lifetime.
You can follow our adventures on, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you so much for supporting our cause.
Please enjoy the water in your bottle and enjoy your bottle on the water! At Paddle4Peace We dream it, we dare to try it, and we paddle in the name of a better world!

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What is Hope-2o?

Hope-2o is a health and conservation-conscious non-profit organization that works with non-profit organizations' fund-raising efforts, so you can support two worthy causes at once! Our mission is to eliminate the use of plastic water bottles by giving every individual in the United States a stainless steel water bottle. For every stainless steel water bottle used, we eliminate the use of approximately 180 plastic water bottles per year therefore reducing the serious environmental and health issues caused by plastic water bottles.
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